HOTTEST JAM OF SEPTEMBER: Supa Stah - "In The Mood" (Ft Mamiska)"

Monday, January 31, 2011

MUSIC: Sheddy XL - "Amen Remix" (Feat. Samnem)

Hair-raising act, producer, drummer and swag-worship/praise singer, Sheddy XL, is back with a fresh-out-the-oven joint, "Amen", the Remix. The track blends Western style synths with Afro-style percussion and a dint of street-savvy to bring a crisp final product to the ears. And of course, "Ijaya" exponent, Samnem, completes the picture with red hot rhyme verses.

Production credits go to Sheddy XL himself.

"Amen" Rmx Ft. Samnem [Prod. by Sheddy XL]


Friday, January 28, 2011

VIDEO: Onos - "Tomorrow" (Feat. ID Cabasa & Lara George)

Onos Bikawei, one of Naija Gospel's rapidly elevating songstresses, is back with a brand new video to her single, "Tomorrow", which is off her "Keep Moving" album that dropped in '10. This video joint also showcases the talents of ace producer ID Cabasa, and KUSH ex-member Lara George, as they deliver smoothly as well. Simple shots and crisp fluid directing make this viddy fun to watch. Enjoy!

Directing Credits: DJ Tee

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GOSPOGROOVE NEWS: Kirk Franklin Releases New Single, "I Smile"

The uber-don of contemporary gospel music, Kirk Franklin, is back with a brand new single "I Smile". Taken off his soon to be released album, dubbed "Hello Fear", this joint is a mid-tempo classic groove, replete with full chorals, string sections and everything that Mr Franklin has come to be known for over the years.

For more on Kirk Franklin, visit his website at and on Wikipedia

Kirk Franklin - "I Smile"

News Credits: Victor Igbinigie

Monday, January 24, 2011

ARTICLE: For The Love Of BlackBerry

by Akan Etuk Nweke

I saw him from afar. Eyes trained on me like a hawk, nostrils flaring like the ears of an elephant. I saw the uniform-custard shirt and burgundy trousers. His were faded, a far cry from what it may once have been. He strode confidently towards me, his eyes never leaving my face.
“I'll call you back”, I murmured allowing  my BB slide down unto the floor of the car. I left my left hand where it was; over my left ear, and hastily re-arranged the muscles of my face to assume a bored, disinterested look.
The man closed in.
“Madam Lawbreaker”, he called, slamming his hand on the bonnet of the car.
“Pardon?”, I answered, cocking my head.
He then ordered me to park.
“Listen Oga, I am running late to pick my son from daycare. Would you kindly get out of my way”.
 By now two identically dressed men had joined  him. One of  them was short and swarthy. His beret hung atop his head, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the National Theatre Building. If it was possible, it made him look even rounder.
The other was tall and thin. His uniform looked like it would still have been his size if he grew three dress sizes larger. His eyes were even more hawk-like. A look of pure hostility emanated from them.
“You can’t answer your phone while driving and want us to leave you alone”, the tall thin one stated stone-faced.
Horns had begun blaring and the cars behind were swerving to either side of me.
“Madam park over there”, they barked, pointing to the sandy pavement on the right.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

GOSPOGROOVE NEWS: Mary Mary Releases Another Single

Sisterly duo, Erica and Tina, better known as Mary Mary have followed up the release of their first single track, "Walking" with another soon-to-be smash hit single from their much anticipated, upcoming album. The new track is called "Something Bigger". They also revealed that the album will be titled SOMETHING BIG. The new album drops soon.

Mary Mary - "Something Bigger"


News Credits: Victor Igbinigie

Thursday, January 20, 2011

VIDEO: Sledge - Karry Go

We posted the mp3 download of Sledge's "Karry Go" a while back, now he's out with the video to that track. Packed with rapidly transiting effects and playfulness, it is definitely a commendable effort on the part of Sledge and his team. Watch out for the album, "Mr Oga", coming out soon!

Cameo appearance: Rico Slim
Directing Credits: Clarence Peters

Monday, January 17, 2011

MUSIC: Provabs - "Bless Me (Dey Go)"

This is definitely one track that has the word "HIT" written all over it. And if you are looking for the culprit, then we arraign him openly for all to see. His name is Provabs, and if you haven't yet heard his joint, "Bless Me (Dey Go)" rocking the radio airwaves, then you simply don't listen to radio!

Produced by Ex-O of the Knighthouse fam, this is easily one of those gospel joints destined for monster mainstream mayhem. So the the next time you're making a request to mister radio-man, you know exactly what to ask for.

"Bless Me (Dey Go)" [Prod By Ex-O]


Thursday, January 13, 2011

MUSIC: TruBreed - "Papa" (Ft Eden)

Club X e-Mag delightfully (and finally) throws its blogging spotlight on two very dynamic individuals, Rodney 'Q' Abia, and Mbuotidem '7' Johnnson, who are collectively known as TruBreed. If there was such a title as "Kings of the Naija Gospel Hip Hop Underground", these dudes would fit the bill quite comfortably. Now they are elevating to the next level with their brand new single "PaPa" (featuring Eden), a tasteful, spicy synth-driven, classy hip hop groove, with dints of electronica, in very atypical brew that is uniquely theirs.

Putting it in their own words, “We believe that what we say matters to a large extent”. we relate our lyrics to a paint brush  to color, refine and reshape the mind of our listeners,  In other words, what we say is imprinted in the subconscious of people which ultimately influences their thoughts, actions and world. So yes, we believe in keeping our lyrics clean, talking about what matters. We believe that as children of God we should reflect Him in everything.” 

TruBreed presently is working on their very first album with the title B.U.S.H.(Born Under Spiritual Heritage). 

"PaPa" (Prod By Q)


Monday, January 10, 2011

MUSIC: Debbie Kuks - "Beautiful Day" (Ft TB-One)

Deborah Kukoyi-Barber, also known as Debbie Kuks, a writer, psalmist, and CEO, has decided to (finally) free up this joint, titled "Beautiful Day" as a free mp3 download. Recall she was the same person that brought you the highly acclaimed article, "Homosexuality: Confessions of a Gospel Artist" (check it out here). The cut features rap pro TB-One, and is produced by 'Dekunle, who also does some additional BGVs on the track.

Debbie Kuks is a graduate of Law from Lagos State University, and currently resides in Texas, USA.

"Beautiful Day" (Prod By Dekunle)


Thursday, January 6, 2011

VIDEO: Provabs - "Hope"

Happy new year, fam! Here's wishing you all the best this year has to offer! We kick off this year with a spanking new video by ace rapper Provabs, titled "Hope". Cool stuff, highly inspirational, and a great way to jump-start the new year.

Directing Credits: Imoh Umoren

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