HOTTEST JAM OF SEPTEMBER: Supa Stah - "In The Mood" (Ft Mamiska)"

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

VIDEO: Uche Martins - "Lamb On The Throne"

Inspirational vocalist Uche Martins brings to you this riveting audio-visual piece, tagged "Lamb On The Throne". Watch it and be truly inspired!

Directing Credits: Lawrence Omo-Iyare

Monday, July 23, 2012

MUSIC: Nikky Laoye - "1-2-3"

Nikki Laoye is back with an ulta-sleek ultra-modern cut, a club-credible hit banger tagged "1-2-3". Produced by her brother Xblaze, this joint is certified dope by the entire Club X eMag crew. Get dancing already!

"1-2-3" [Prod by Xblaze]


Friday, July 20, 2012

MUSIC: VC Perez presents THE MOVEMENT - "Ka Ma Jo"

Ace producer VC Perez is proud to present The Movement, a trio consisting of his wife, Lily Perez, an amazing vocalist called Studio, and hip hopper Game Man. The single, "Ka Ma Jo", is the first offering by the super-group, and is a dancehall banger headed straight for the clubs. Don't say you weren't warned!

"Ka Ma Jo" [Prod by VC Perez]


Thursday, July 19, 2012

MUSIC: Winter - "Amazing" (Ft Viva)

It's a fresh sound hitting us here at Club X eMag, and it comes from none other than an act known as Winter, who brings to the world a new single, tagged "Amazing", and it features rock diva Viva on the hook. Produced by US-based producer Adamack, and mixed/mastered @ 17-17 AudioLaB by Dr Sankty, this one looks set to thrill.

"Amazing" [Prod by Adamack]


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MUSIC: LC Beatz - Gbo N' Pae (Ft Lemdy)

Making his first ever solo appearance on the Club X blog after making the list of the top 10 finalists in the #EPiGNOSIS beat competition, it's the man they call LC Beatz. Producer, rapper, songwriter, studio owner, engineering student and everything in-between, this budding talent who is based in Osun State has made quite an impression on us with his newest offering, titled "Gbo N' Pae", a self-produced hip hop/pop/cultural/evangelical/funk cut that is worth the listen. Check it out and give us your honest thoughts. Enjoy!

'Gbo N' Pae' [Prod by LC Beatz]



Friday, July 6, 2012

EVENT FEATURE: Joiy's "Sing With JOIY" In Pictures

The 'Sing With Joiy' concert, Season 1, hosted by class act songstress Joiy, brought people to a platform to be inspired to live positively, create awareness and give hope to the abused and abandoned young women in the society, with music being used as a tool for transformation. Joiy hosted some of her friends which included  J'odie, Joan-Paul, Big Splash Dr. Foy and many others.

The event was organised by Imaginit Media Resources in collaboration with S.O.N (Standards Organization of Nigeria) and also gave fans the opportunity to be up-close with their favourite artistes/celebrities

The Honourable Commissioner for women affairs and social development was represented by the permanent secretary Mrs.F.E.Ebomoyi - Idundun, and S.O.N was represented by the State Head, Benin Office.

 Here are the pictures below.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: Club X International Presents: Club X Magazine, 3rd Edition (Lite)

The wait is finally over! Club X International is proud to present to the world, the 'Lite' version of the 3rd Edition of the Club X Magazine as a FREE DOWNLOAD in .pdf format! This version is 20 pages strong and is simply to serve as a appetizer for both the full 100+ page electronic release and the hard copy roll-out as well.

The entire magazine is split into two distinct halves; a Bouqui cover and a Deitrick Haddon cover. Feel free to download both as a single .zip file, or individually as two separate files.

The full electronic .pdf version of the magazine will be up for purchase via online portals preeeety soon!

Club X Mag 3rd Edition (Lite) FREE DOWNLOAD (both covers)

Club X Mag 3rd Edition (Lite) FREE DOWNLOAD (Bouqui cover only)

Club X Mag 3rd Edition (Lite) FREE DOWNLOAD (Deitrick Haddon cover only)

WORLD PREMIERE: TowerGate Records Presents: Supa Stah - "In The Mood" (Ft Mamiska)

Indie label TowerGate Records is delighted to present to the world a brand new duo by the name SUPA STAH. The duo are entering the Club X blogosphere with their first single, a high-octane club banger called "In The Mood". This heavy hitting jam, featuring Mamiska, is off their upcoming EP, which is tagged "Nuclear Fusion", and is exclusively produced by hotly trending producer/medical doctor, Dr Sankty.

"Supa Stah is a duo comprising TowerGate Records recording artists Dr Sankty and Viva, and each of them bring something musically unique to the table; Dr Sankty's Electro-Hip-Afro-Pop feel and crazy beats, and Viva's classy Naija Pop-Diva swag, both of which complement each other seamlessly. So we [TowerGate Records] decided to have them record a joint project with a view to creating a whole new musical energy altogether, hence the name 'NUCLEAR FUSION', which is a term used in Physics to denote the creation and release of energy by fusing two atoms together. 
 The EP is produced by Dr Sankty @ 17-17 AudioLaB and is 5 tracks strong, and features the talents of other cutting edge acts as well. It's really a must have in every sense!"

Supa Stah - "In The Mood" [Prod by Dr Sankty]



Monday, July 2, 2012

MUSIC: Dr Sankty - "Don't Catch Me" (Ft Simi) [Escapology, Page 3]

It's the third #Escapology Monday!

Riding on Dr Sankty's monster beat in this 3rd page of the Producer Diaries is none other than the uniquely gifted Simi (Ara Ile, Emi L'Onijo), who lends her lush vocals to this joint to create something of a true marvel. The jam is tagged "Don't Catch Me", and it mashes up strains of Synth Pop, Electro, Hip Hop, and Soul with an Afro-centric core rhythm. The end result is a true groove that will certainly make your ears smile!

"Don't Catch Me" [Prod by Dr Sankty]



Sunday, July 1, 2012

MUSIC: Simi - "Chocolate Brown"

Simi, the up-trending vocalist of amazing talents and uber-versatility, is back with a fresh single, "Chocolate Brown". It's simply a musical marvel, as she goes on a 'conscious' tip with this one. It beats proper description, so we'll just let you get to it already!

"Chocolate Brown" [Prod by Rotimi Keys]


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