HOTTEST JAM OF SEPTEMBER: Supa Stah - "In The Mood" (Ft Mamiska)"

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Finally! The much talked about compilation that has been heavily buzzing in industry circles is now out! For FREE DOWNLOAD online! Exclusive to Club X eMag! [ Can we get a WOW in the house, people?]

Big ups to the gospel godfather himself, DeeJay Gosporella, for pulling this one off! With 19 tracks of hot new singles by both established and upcoming acts, this is surely a “must download” for everyone.


01. Gaise - Movie Song
02. Provabs - All I Need
03. Sammie Okposo - Jawa Chineke
04. Anny - Time
05. Liza C - Make Me Wonder
06. Viva - God Is Real  
07. The Covenant - Urhobo Isoko
08. Onos - Gidigba
09. Ehiliz - Kele Jehovah
10. Lanre Olagbaju - Ore Mi Jowo
11. Matthew Ojo - Na Me Be Dis
12. Vivien Stephen - Ijo
13. Dr Sankty - Miliki
14. Motola - Nobody
15. Samsong - Idi Ebube
16. Tee Campbell - Unconditional Love
17. Rx Pastor - Halleluyah
18. Manie X - Gbe Jesu Ga
19. Tolucci - Turn My Life Around
20. Outro

Here are some tracks we are particularly digging at the moment:

Sammy Okposo – Jawa Chineke

Tee Campbell – Unconditional Love

Dr Sankty - Miliki

The free download comes in two parts, Side A (containing tracks 1-10) and SIDE B (containing tracks 11-20)

So, here goes!



Tune in to DeeJay Gosporella's hit show, "Gospel Zone" airing on BEAT 99.9 FM from 7-11am on Sundays. It's always a blast!

Friday, October 29, 2010

MUSIC: Tbos – “I Am”

The swagnificent one known as Tbos is back with another brand new single, titled ‘I Am”, off his highly anticipated mixtape, the title of which is yet to be disclosed, as well as its release date. The single itself takes Tbos in an entirely different direction from “Miliki” his first single [downloadable here], and on this joint, he raps from the perspective of the Almighty God himself [very daring, if we may say!], offering desperately needed words of life and hope to a weary soul.

Expect lots of live instrumentation and acoustics on this one, along with clever, yet insightful lyrical dexterity that only Tbos can deliver.
[And for all o’ y’all who keep comparing this dude to Mr Jude Abaga, this joint should authoritatively silence ALL comparers!]

Production credits go to Mr J

“…I’ll make news out of you and call you CNN…I am not man, I don’t lie I’m not Pinocchio…” 


Tbos - "I Am"


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

INTERVIEW: G.O.R. (God's Own Radicals) - Sparking Up A Wildfire

Meet GOR, a husband-and-wife hip hop duo with a mission and passion to flood the entertainment nation  with a Good News message, quite in direct conflict with the more popular commercially driven drivel of over-heightened sensualities that have come to be a staple in much of today’s media. In this Club X eMag (CXeM) exclusive, we get insights into what make this radical team so radical, and why against all odds, they still valiantly press on along a much less travelled path in the face of colossal pressure to lean the other way. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

MUSIC: Da Levites - "Talk About It" (Web Premiere)

Check out this blazing web premiere by yet another fresh breakout act from Y-Town, and they are simply known as Da Levites, and this effort is tagged "Talk About It". The track samples some well laden synths over a grungy dance-hall rhythm, and is engineered in the stables of none other than Y-Town's music production uber-guru, T Clex, who also stars in the track's BGVs. Also watch out for some really melodious Hausa vocabs somewhere midway through the song.

Da Levites is a three man ensemble comprising of  L-Jay, Dash, and Emmy Adams. The group came into existence in '02, and major mostly in the genres of hip hop and RnB.

Be sure to listen/download and please give us your sincerest comments!

Da Levites - "Talk About It" [Prod. By T Clex]


Friday, October 22, 2010

MUSIC: Top 20 Most Downloaded Songs on Club X Mp3 Downloads (Part 2)

Ok, so we present...[drumroll please!] the second and concluding part of the two part series, the TOP 20 most downloaded songs on Club X Mp3 Downloads! Now we reveal the top ten tracks, (i.e. No. 10 to No. 1).
We hope some of us aren't already half dead from all the anticipation! So, lets skip all this 'grammar' and get to it already!

Here goes!

NO. 10: T Clex - "In Love" (Original Version) 

NO. 9: Jason Derulo Ft Dr Sankty - "Whatcha Say" (Rmx) [Prod By JR]

NO. 8: TB One - "Igwe" [Prod By OSH]

NO. 7: Big Dely Mo - "Salute" [Prod By T Clex]

NO. 6: Tope Thompson - "Opemipo"  [Prod By Dekunle]

NO. 5:  Psalmos - "He Good" [Prod By Dekunle]

NO. 4: Viva - "Blessing Me" [Prod By Paul]

NO. 3: Cobhams Ft Banky W, Dr Sankty & Sam Jamz - "Maga No Need Pay" Rmx [Prod By Cobhams]

NO. 2: TB One - "Na So" [Prod By Frenzy]


[more drum rolls!!!!!!]

NO. 1: Club X Ft Dr Sankty, Rico Slim & Tbos - "You Say (Roger That, the Re[al]Make" [Prod By Phenom, USA]

Happy downloading, people!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

GOSPOGROOVE NEWS: Trin-i-tee 5:7 Becomes a Duo

Music World Gospel has announced the departure of Adrian Anderson from the veteran vocal group, Trin-i-tee 5:7. The trio, who first caught attention with their self-titled 1998 debut, will transition to a duo, consisting of founding members Chanelle Haynes and Angel Taylor. Anderson, who joined the trio in 2000, replacing Terry Brown, moves on to launch her own beauty company. Trini-i-tee 5:7 intends to release their next album, "A New Day", in the first quarter of 2011

News Credits: Victor Igbinigie

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MUSIC: Rico Slim - "G-Mix" (The Mixtape)

A little while ago, we premiered Rico Slim’s single, “Tomorrow”, off his then forthcoming mixtape, untitled at the time. Now we are pleased to bring to you, complete with a free download link, the official Rico Slim mixtape, “G-Mix”, and it boasts of production credits from the likes of Nastizzzle, Spellbound, Dr Frabs, and TY Mix, as well as some remixes and previously unreleased cuts. Right now, the joint that WE at club x eMag are absolutely feeling is the joint, “Gospel Swag”, which is an extremely sleek cut that we forsee will definitely become a signature brand for Rico.

Gospel Swag

Where Do We Go? [Prod by Dr Frabs]

1.    Wise Up (Freestyle)
2.    Tomorrow
3.    Gospel Swag
4.    Oyoyo (Ft Perez)
5.    Move On
6.    On A Long Thing
7.    Where Do We Go?
8.    Crazy
9.    You Say? (Club X Ft Dr Sankty, Rico Slim & Tbos)
10.  What Do You Live For?


Monday, October 18, 2010

VIDEO (EXCLUSIVE WEB PREMIERE): Joe Praize - "The Presence"

World premiere of a brand new video from a somewhat new name to the Club X eMag sphere. His name is Joe Praize, and this hot-off-the director’s cut video is titled “The Presence”, and is an extremely moving and highly charged must-watch piece. Airing for the FIRST TIME EVER on public media, and EXCLUSIVE ONLINE to Club X eMag, this is the ONLY place you will see this video for a bit!

Cameo appearances include Mamiska, Viva, Tb-One, eTune, and T4, who all star very gallantly on the set.

There are only three words to describe this video-brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!!!
Directing Credits: Lawrence Omo-Iyare

PS- If you don't watch any other video on this site, please watch this one!

Friday, October 15, 2010

ARTIST FEATURE: Samnem - Another Da Grin?

Treading a path already cut by high profile mainstream acts Lord Of Ajasa, and later Da Grin (RIP), Samnem , aka “Ijaya”,  is making bold moves into challenging territory, albeit with a twist...he is infusing exclusively faith-fuelled gospel lyricism meshed with a street thematic  into the Yoruba/Afro commercial/Hip hop melangerie. But does having a voice that closely mirrors that of an already well known act [Isolate=9ice, General Pype=Sean Paul, Tbos=MI] really lead to a guaranteed recipe for mainstream musical success, or does it actually work against the artist? CLUB X eMAG profiles this fast rising hip hop icon and leaves you to answer that question.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MUSIC: Top 20 Most Downloaded Songs on Club X Mp3 Downloads (Part 1)

Club X eMag, in conjunction with Club X Mp3 Downloads, presents to you all, the 20 most downloaded songs from the website since it was launched in January of this year! This will be broken into two parts; Part 1 (this part) consisting of the last ten songs (i.e. those on position 20 to 11), and Part 2,consisting, of course of the first ten songs (i.e. those on position 10 to 1).

Without further ado, here's the list.

NO. 20: Sonoj - "Amazing Grace" (Naija Makossa Version) [Prod by Sonoj]

NO. 19: Protek - "Chineke" (Ft KC) [Prod By ColdFlames]

NO. 18: Tbos - "Miliki" [Prod By Mr J]

NO. 17: Viva - "God Bless Nigeria" [Prod By Paul]

NO. 16: Dr Sankty - "E Don Tey" (Ft Big Dely Mo) [Prod By Dr Sankty]

NO. 15:  J Treash - "Thank U" [Prod By J Treash]

NO 14: Sheddy XL - "Oba Ni" (Ft Mike Abdul of Midnite Crew) [Prod By Mankind]

NO. 13: T Clex - "In Love" Rmx (Ft Dr Sankty) [Prod By T Clex]

NO. 12: Rico Slim - "Tomorrow" [Prod By Nastizzle]

NO. 11: 'Motara - "Oba Ni" (Ft Mike Abdul of Midnight Crew) [Prod By Tosin Paul]

Monday, October 11, 2010

POLL: BOUQUI is Club X eMag’s 'Queen Of Swag'

A liitle while ago, we at the Club X eMag team put up a poll asking its viewers to select the Naija female gospel artists they felt had the most swag. Contenders were

1. Lara George

2. Nikki Laoye

3. Bouqui

Viewers voted. We collated. And the votes went (pretty much landslide) in favour of Bouqui, who bagged 67% of the votes!

Thank y’all for voting (all those who voted, that is!)

So, Bouqui is now officially Crowned Club X eMag’s  “Queen of Swag”.

Watch out for the next poll. Coming soon!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Multi-award winning super-group INFINITY, of the Olori Oko fame are back with a brand new video to one of their singles, "Press On". Now ostensibly less two men, the message of the video would appear to be more on a self-encouraging note, as in the CGI video, they battle harsh conditions to eventually arrive at their promised land.

Mellow tune, strong but easy lyrics, cool video. Check it out for yourself and drop your thoughts on it in the comment box below.

Directing Credits: Gbenga Salu 

Friday, October 8, 2010

GOSPOGROOVE NEWS: GRITS Hit Scans Over 500,000 Downloads

GRITS' song “Ooh Ahh (My Life Be Like)” continues to find fans and solidify the duo as one of the most recognized voices, yet relatively underground groups in hip-hop. As a digital single, “Ooh Ahh (My Life Be Like)” recently scanned over 500,000 downloads, adding their name to a small and select group of Christian artists who have achieved such sales success.

Find out more about GRITS here 

News Credits: Victor Igbinigie
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