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Friday, October 15, 2010

ARTIST FEATURE: Samnem - Another Da Grin?

Treading a path already cut by high profile mainstream acts Lord Of Ajasa, and later Da Grin (RIP), Samnem , aka “Ijaya”,  is making bold moves into challenging territory, albeit with a twist...he is infusing exclusively faith-fuelled gospel lyricism meshed with a street thematic  into the Yoruba/Afro commercial/Hip hop melangerie. But does having a voice that closely mirrors that of an already well known act [Isolate=9ice, General Pype=Sean Paul, Tbos=MI] really lead to a guaranteed recipe for mainstream musical success, or does it actually work against the artist? CLUB X eMAG profiles this fast rising hip hop icon and leaves you to answer that question.


Without coming off as melodramatic, Samnem, is simply put, a ‘beast’ on stage (in a gospel kind of way, of course!). Expect anything and everything when it’s  Mr Ijaya’s slot on the microphone. Even if you don’t really dig his brand of music, or even the artist himself, you will definitely have to give a two thumbs up for his stage craft. And to anyone who has ever been to an event where Samnem Ijaya has headlined, you knew he left you searching for your jaw on the floor afterwards! In addition, he has shared the stage/collaborated with some top acts such as Eben, 9ice, RoofTop Mcs, Artquake, Buchi, Onos, TB-One, Dr Sankty, Psalmos, and several others.


In the somber and grimy track “Mo Ranti” [meaning "I Remember"], Samnem chronicles his early years with such graphicity, it either depresses you or impresses you how one individual can rise above so many setbacks so quickly.  “It’s no joke”, he remarks “Everything that you hear on that track really happened. I even had to leave a lot of it out because my mom asked me to.”  From his dad’s untimely death in a motor mishap, to accidentally plunging into a canal at age 3, to being nearly burnt alive in a chemical factory, to working the highways of Lagos as a bus conductor, to having to slave as houseboy constantly duped of his wages, to going for days without food, and so much more, his life could easily make a script for a blockbuster Nollywood movie!  “But through it all, I always knew on the inside of me that I would become world renowned, a music icon in my generation. And I’m already on my way there, by His grace.”

"Mo Ranti" 


An Ondo State indigene with Samuel Akindipe scribed on his birth records, and the first of a staggering nine children, Samnem is a product of University of Technology , Yaba (Formerly Yabatech), majoring in Statistics, but with additional remarkable skills in the visual arts, and runs his own outfit, Climax Point Entertainment, a body specialized in artiste management, entertainment consulting, events  coverage/photography . Having been in music since 1998, he started from being the leader of the children’s and teen’s choir in Christ Apostolic Church. But professionally, he started music in 2002., after having garnered years of experience being in several splintered singing groups.


Samnem can attest firsthand to the toughness and occasional frustration of being labeled a ‘Da Grin soundalike’, but he makes that work for him, instead of against him, differentiating himself in his craft in every way as possible, lyrically, stylistically and other wise. “In fact”, he confesses, “It has opened doors for me in a certain sense, because many show promoters hear my songs and they start wondering, which of Da Grins’s tracks this is? Then they find out it’s me, and they start looking at me differently, because many people feel nobody can ever sound close to him again. Especially now that he’s no more. But I definitely am my own self, and I am constantly developing my own sound that will be as different from his [own] as possible.  Plus, Da Grin wasn’t a gospel artist [though he did reference God on some of his tracks], but I am entirely gospel. So, that’s one major difference. But I am not just a ‘gospel  Da Grin’. I’m gospel and street at the same time. I am Samnem Ijaya. “Ijaya” means ‘instiller of fear’. I instill fear into the dark kingdom and its agents, according to 1 John 4:4. So, there goes.”


Samnem officially has 3 blazing singles, “Ijaya” [Produced by XmodT], which has evolved into his signature brand and is a highly successful single, “Mo Ranti” [Produced by Snowzy Tha Masterminder], a grimy recollection of his past hardships, and “Psalm 91”, the “Ijaya” version of the popular scripture [recorded over a beat originally used by Gucci Mane]. Plans for an album and video are well in the offing. In addition, watch out for several appearances on some of Club X’s yet to be disclosed upcoming projects, videos and collaborations. Keep watching this space, we'll definitely keep you updated!



"Psalm 91"

For Booking/Management, Contact: Climax Point Entertainment - 0803 486 9338

Connect with Samnem here on Facebook


Anonymous said...

hmmm....samnem, da grin....close sha....but i can spot the differences.

lanre daBrain said...

oh, well da grin came out first. anybody else with that voice will always sound like a copycat. but, the music sounds solid, street, and different-ish...i give a pass mark.

Emma90 said...

I LOVE THIS GUY'S music!!!!!! saw him at a show, and i have to agree he is a 'beast' on stage!!!!! yeah da grin came out first, but samnem is quite solid sha....big upss to ijaya

Sanyaolu Derin said...

how can they even be comparing this chap to da grin? cant really see the real. samnem is samnem, and da grin is da grin. id like to see what he will soundlike if producers like sossick and dr frabs start handling the guy.. na dat tym we go no wetha or not im sound like da grin true

Ken Chukwu said...

samnem is cool. da grin opened the door, now others must walk through. nice to see he is gospel with alot of street in him. the mo ranti track is really quite gutsy. i like it

Anonymous said...

Samnem,Nice 1....Bariga are so proud of you...kip it up

G-Brain said...


Anonymous said...

samnem is never a da grin oh! they are two veeeeerrrrrrry different pple...for d fact that sam is gospel and da grin was secula, dat is enufff... ijaya!

Anonymous said...

hum why is this guy being compared to DaGrin ???? They don't even sound alike, their sounds are completely, totally different !!! Do your thing tho Samnem.

Anonymous said...

SamNem is SamNem,while Da Grin was Da Grin,d guy is good dats dat...2Prolifik(SPIRITUAL SWAGGAH)

Anonymous said...

dat is wel of u.wen are u coming to our area

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