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Monday, April 11, 2011

SPECIAL FEATURE: Club X eMag Presents The TENtalize Collection

Club X eMag is proud to present to you, “The TENtalize Collection: 10 Songs You Absolutely MUST HAVE Right Now”, an exclusive bundle of must have singles from some of Naija Gospel’s rapidly up-trending acts. Spanning music forms ranging from Hip Hop and Praise Pop to Rock/Alternative, Worship and Contemporary Traditional, this set of tunes will inspire, motivate and elevate you to uncharted sonic and spiritual dimensions! But first, let’s introduce to the artists on this set, some of whom you already may be familiar with, and others you may be hearing of for the first time.

With a vocal malleability that is difficult to rival amongst her contemporaries, Jasper Kanayo, better known as Mamiska, is a clear example of what the next generation gospel artist will look and sound like. On this single, “Dance”, she pitches her tent vocally as well as musically in the Traditional African genre and delivers nothing short of pure audio honey.


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This vibrant, soft-spoken vocalist has just the right knack for melding Pidgin English (a mutated form of English spoken in Nigeria) with synth-driven Pop ballads and up-tempo joints to create a flavor that scores big time and time again with fans both on and off the web. “Joli Dey Go” exemplifies this so very perfectly. Give it a download and see just what we mean.

Joli Dey Go

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Elegance, carriage and poise adequately describe Rock Diva Viva’s approach to music, as she easily wows fans, both on and off stage with an aura several cuts shy of angelic. Her take off single, “God Is Real” still holds the same magic as when it was first released several months back, and is an ode to how seamlessly she is able to make Rock and Worship feel like one single genre.

God Is Real

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After several cameos in nationally aired videos and BGVs for top artists in the country, Rita is set to prove, with this simple yet profound offering, “Just Wanna Say”, that she can hold her own as a budding solo artist. The cut is a clever blend of Soul, Jazz and a smear of 60s Pop, giving a sense of high taste and musical class.

Just Wanna Say

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Emerging from a strong acappella and stage background, Mr Tuoyo Buwa, T4, is one act who is 100% guaranteed to be a roof-raiser. From an in-your-face stage charisma to very poignant, street savvy, slangy lyricism, T4’s uber-brilliant combo of Neo-Traditional and South-South Street Hop rhytms and originality come very hard to duplicate. All the proof can be heard in his wave-making self-produced single, “No Be My Head”.

No Be My Head

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Being a happily married mother of two can be the perfect excuse to leave any dreams of a music career to gather dust on the shelf. Not for E Shalom, a Port-Hacourt based Worship artist. And as her single and music video, “Ebube Dike”, depict, She is more than ready to take on the world for God.

Ebube Dike

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Not to be confused with Guru Maharaji, this dude comes totally gospo-fied. Mararaja simply means “Great King”, another way of stating his birth name, Kingsley Dan-Patrick. We are convinced he is one of Naija Gospel’s Best Kept Secrets. Never expect the usual with The Maharaja. The joint, “Stand Up”, is practically speaking, unclassifiable.  Maybe you can attempt that when you give it a listen!

Stand Up (Ft Mamiska)

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Medical Doctor, Rapper, Producer. Just a few ways to qualify the creative phenomenon known to earthlings as Dr Sankty. His globally aired and acclaimed video “I No Send U” thrust him into the public stratosphere, his debut mixtape, “Declassified: The Prequel” garnered scores of appreciation across the globe, and now his production brainchild, 17-17 AudioLaB, is on that same trend. Brought to you courtesy TowerGate Records, this is the remix of “iRun”, off the mixtape.

iRun Remix

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Radiant , both in vocal dexterity and visual attributes, versatile but foundationally adept in the Soul/Jazz/Pop genres, Joiy is one of the hugest underground sensations you’ve never heard of.
She simply wows consistently, and her exuberance of elegance and class is all but contagious. At risk of writing too much in praise of her, we leave you with the re-make of one her classic tunes, “Little Things”.

Little Things Remake

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Track Listing:
01.    MamiskaDance [Prod by Mr J]
02.    SoltuneJoli Dey Go [Prod by Chris Bass]
04.    VivaGod Is Real [Prod by Evans]
05.    RitaJust Wanna Say [Prod by A4]
06.    T4No Be My Head [Prod by T4]
07.    E ShalomEbube Dike [Prod by Chris Bass]
08.    The MaharajaStand Up (Ft Mamiska) [Prod by Kollo]
09.    Dr SanktyiRun Remix (Ft Rapsody & Viva)[Prod by Dr Sankty]
10.    JoiyLittle Things Remix [Prod by J Treash]
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