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Thursday, April 26, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Dr Sankty presents - #Escapology [The Producer Diaries]

After the release of his hugely successful music video, 'I No Send U', his epoch making mixtape, 'Declassified', and the founding of his own recording studio/creative playhouse, 17-17 AudioLaB, the medical doctor/rapper/producer is in your faces once more with a fresh new take on the scene. And this time, it's tagged "#Escapology - The Producer Diaries". Presented in assocation with 17-17 AudioLaB and Crynesis Designs, and proudly supported by Club X and TowerGate Records,  this new project will see the rap doctor take more of the production/engineering helm, while bringing a slew of highly talented artists on board for the ride. 

Says the music doctor: 
"Basically, the core idea [of #Escapology] is to express my creative yearnings in the music prduction aspect of things by showcasing what can happen when highly skilled artistry meets up-to-date, professional production/engineering paradigms. So every month, on the first monday, which we will tag #Escapology Mondays, premiering in May 2012, we will drop a fresh new joint, produced by me and starring the vocal prowess of an artist or artists with proven credibility in the game."
Armed with a Diploma in Music production & Audio Engineering from the Audio Institute of America, as well as his Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery degree, Dr Sankty is clearly well qualified to make that medico-musical magic happen once again.


See you on the 7th of May for the first #Escapology Monday!

Check out some hot productions from 17-17 AudioLaB here:
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