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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: Club X International Presents: Club X Magazine, 3rd Edition (Lite)

The wait is finally over! Club X International is proud to present to the world, the 'Lite' version of the 3rd Edition of the Club X Magazine as a FREE DOWNLOAD in .pdf format! This version is 20 pages strong and is simply to serve as a appetizer for both the full 100+ page electronic release and the hard copy roll-out as well.

The entire magazine is split into two distinct halves; a Bouqui cover and a Deitrick Haddon cover. Feel free to download both as a single .zip file, or individually as two separate files.

The full electronic .pdf version of the magazine will be up for purchase via online portals preeeety soon!

Club X Mag 3rd Edition (Lite) FREE DOWNLOAD (both covers)

Club X Mag 3rd Edition (Lite) FREE DOWNLOAD (Bouqui cover only)

Club X Mag 3rd Edition (Lite) FREE DOWNLOAD (Deitrick Haddon cover only)

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