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Friday, September 17, 2010

FEATURE: IBK - "Life & Music" (Rap Poem)

After hitting us with his wow banger, "Tongues", singer/rapper/producer IBK titillates us further with his uncanny lyrical prowess on this poetic rhythmic piece that we had some some trouble categorizing!

For starters, here are the lyrics:
"Life / a beautiful combination of you and I embedded in word that gave life to everyone/
  He who was, is and forever would be I run into the arms of life and embark on a /
  Journey to reality / its funny cos we punish ourselves /
 With the same things we put in place to control ourselves /
 We made money as a legal tender but man has made money tender to his greedy needs / 
 And all I need is /
 One mic /
 One paper /
 One pen /
 One dream /
 One soul /
 One individual in control /
 One life /
 One opportunity to explain purpose /
 My minds like a circus activity so I /
 Focus my music in the direction that your ears wont refuse it /
 And if it do... /
 Then its scared of the truth that hurts the course that's unjust and pause the impulse /
 That makes you sow thorns as seeds in our youth /
  Life is my spaceship /
 It's complex but simple to understand /
 It's that spaceship boy homie!

IBK - "Life & Music"



Anonymous said...

This abnormally good!!!!!!!!!

Kingfisher 004 said...

Omo, u dey spit fire men!

Sanjo Saint said...

Short but robustly powerful...this Ibk guy been get plenty mouf. am feelin' dis to ma bone marrows!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

superb ibk

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