HOTTEST JAM OF SEPTEMBER: Supa Stah - "In The Mood" (Ft Mamiska)"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

MUSIC: Club X All Stars Presents "Club X Anthem" [Side A] (Ft Psalmos, Sheddy XL, PD, Joiy, Soltune, T4, Clay & Viva)

Here it is, world! The Official Club X Anthem [Side A]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Produced by OSH, and totalling eight artists affiliated with the Club X imprint, this monster jam is a MUST DOWNLOAD! Seriously, there is not one single dull moment on this record...from Psalmos's electrifyingly sleek delivery to T4's tongue-twisting rendition, this joint carries it all...once again, the artist roster reads off a total of eight (8) superb acts, each one a heavyweight in his or her own right, and they roll as follows... Psalmos, Sheddy XL, PD (Prince David), Joiy, Soltune, T4, Clay & Viva. Go for this one, people!

"...Club X is who we are/Standing with the Most High, shining like stars..."

Club X All Stars - Club X Anthem (Side A) [Prod. by OSH]

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