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Sunday, August 8, 2010

SPECIAL FEATURE: Club X - The Evolution Of A Revolution

Blame it on the pitiable level of collective creativity in much of today’s Naija Christian media as a whole. Blame it on the fame and fortune driven Naija entertainment rave of the moment. Blame it on the neglect of contemporary entertainment media by those in gospeldom who ought to know far better, have all the fiscal muscle it takes, but still sit on the sidelines and do nothing. Blame it on the atomic bomb passion exploding in the hearts of some concerned few who have a Hi-Def vision for the picture of the gospel’s future in the entertainment nation without ever having to look into a crystal ball. Blame it on whatever you may, but sooner or later we all knew it was bound to happen anyway. That some people somewhere would get horribly sick of the deplorable norm and fumble in their pockets for a drastic change. A break from mediocrity that had too long plagued Christian media just because of a hideously contorted mindset, one that is clearly nothing like the mind of Christ. People who would seek to become the change that they so very much longed for, that yet they knew deep within them was possible.

And though much of the time they each felt alone in their mini-worlds, they like Elijah, had to find out that there were indeed some other seven thousand prophets tucked away somewhere, flung and scattered across space and time, that had also nursed the same thing deep within, and had neither bowed to Baal nor eaten of the King’s meat, yet were ready to take the battle to the very gates of the enemy. And this, in a nutshell, became the fiery force behind the revolution that is now known by all as Club X. A revolution so total, it silences the opposition permanently.    

At present Club X boasts of eighteen top-of-the-line, mainstream-credible, fresh, and unique, highly inspired, mega-motivated gospel acts, inclusive of singers, rappers, dancers, comedians, music producers, scriptwriters, dramatists, cutting across all genres of music and media, and whose professional backgrounds range from law to engineering to information technology to human medicine, to even music itself!
Like it or not, believe it or not, the revolution is already being televised! Any if you’ve got an inkling within you urging you to be a part of this supersonic jet movement, why not come on board with us as we re-write history and re-capture the lost like a proper end time army should? Become an active player in the scheme of things today and partner with us as we take the gospel in entertainment to the next level!


John O said...

Club x...i dont think i can ever say enough about u guys. In a nutshell, thank God for u guys and wat u r doing. Keep the gospel flag flying o!

Tara Michaels said...

i have to agree with mr john...deep sturves there. the lord will continually enable you to greater and greater heights!

Kayode Omotunde said... come i am just getting to know of u people? this is really fabulous.

Dr Sankty said...

the gospel must dominate the entertainment nation. anything short of that is simply not good enough.lets not be carried away by all these tiny victories here and there, and keep the big picture in mind.

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