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Sunday, August 15, 2010

MUSIC: Rico Slim - "Tomorrow"

Club X eMag is proud to present to you a solo track by a blazing new and sensational act, Rico Slim.
If you have been paying some attention, that name will immediately ring a bell. He was the rapper featured
in Club X's Remake single of Young Money's "Roger That", titled "You Say", ably manning the second verse sixteen bars strong.
Now we premiere for you his own solo single, titled "Tomorrow", produced by a chap known as Nastizzle. All vocal credits (both singing and rapping) go to Rico himself!
Rico is an indigene of PH, birth name Eric Ahiauzu, and is a graduate of Economics. He likes to call his brand,"Naija Pop". Others call him a "Christ-ertainer", but we just call him Rico Ingenious.

Decide for yourselves, folks. And please drop your candid opinions in the comment box. Peace!

"...Trouble no dey come stay cuz BABA J [esus] go make way..."

"Tomorrow" [Prod By Nastizzle]


Anonymous said...

Rico Baba!!!!!!!! u don blow leave boys, abi? Ok o!!!! nyce one!

Morayo Tami said...

The jam's cool. It will be on my player for a long time, i expect!

Yinka Ode said...

Rico swagga, no palaver! I cannot even count how many times you said 'tomorrow' in that song. and was that really you singing? kai! i been underestimate you o! i think say na so so punchlines alone wey u fit drop. Yes boss! it's official! Rico rocks. lol.

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